The procedure is ideal when you need to get rid of all impurities. Deep cleansing facial treatment removes all dead skin cells, toxins, dirt and oil build-up from your skin. A deep cleansing facial includes skin analysis secondary cleansing, exfoliation steaming, extraction facial massage, treatment mask, serum/moisturizer, and SPF.

35 mins 30,000

Light therapy facials stimulates collagen production therefore it slows down ageing process improve the appearance of fine lines, accelerate skin rejuvenation helps to reduce inflammation and redness treatment include skin analysis, skin cleansing, exfoliation steaming, extractions, facial massage treatment mask, LED therapy, serum/moisturizer and SPF

50 mins 30,000

70minutes custom designer facial, tailored to suit your skin type and imperfection. Products will be specially selected to address your skin concern.

70 mins 50,000


Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy, it stimulate the production of collagen this treatment creates micro-punctures in the skin using miniature, sterilized needles . The skin’s healing process after microneedling can help reduces the appearance of acne scars, post-inflamatory hyperpigmentation as well as improve skin elasticity.

40 mins 60,000

(see explanation of microneedling above ) Deep microneedling is specially designed for individuals
with severe acne scars and problematic skin Ps: there we be a followup treatment.

40 mins 100,000


A chemical peel is a technique of improving and smooting the texture of the skin by removing its damaged outer layers so that a NEW SKIN layer can rejuvenate. A chemical solution is used, that causes skin to blister and ultimately peel off. A chemical peel is a controlled burn, useful in treatment of acne, scars, pigmentation and other blemishes

This treatment is customized to suit your skin type & condition

30 mins 50,000

This contains result maintaining peel

30 mins 40,000

This contains 2 sessions (of Customized Peel & Maintenance Peel) to suit your skin type & condition

30 mins 70,000

Contains facials & designed treatment (Facials & Chemical Peel/Microneedling & Chemical Peel)

40 mins 100,000

Contains 3 or more treatments (Facials, Microneedling, Light Therapy/Microneedling, Light Therapy, Chemical Peel)

40 mins 130,000
40 mins 120,000
40 mins 350,000